Out Of Body
It's all around us.
See it.    Learn it.    Use it.

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Out Of Body There is magic in every cell of every leaf, flowing in harmony with every cell of your body. Magic lives in every drop of rain and every beam of light. It is everywhere in everything, even the surface of the desk in front of you and the fabric of the chair you sit on.

There is no such a thing as a "coincidence", for there is always magic working in the background. One such event for me was while I was walking home and feeling hungry. I started intensely thinking about how I wished I had just two slices of whole wheat bread to make a sandwich with when I reached home, but I had none. While I thought about this, a man coming from a side street met me at the corner. He smiled and held out his hand to me palm up. On his hand were two slices of whole wheat bread. He calmly ask me "They are delicious. Want some?" I gladly accepted the two slices and thanked him profusely, realizing magic had worked for me without my even trying!

A famous magician from years past, Hermes Trismegistus, wrote "If thou but settest foot on this path, thou shalt see it everywhere." He's right. If you honestly desire to see the Truth and have the uncommon courage to actually look, magic will open your eyes and show you it is very alive and well, at work behind the scenes in everything you experience.
I once watched a lady being interviewed on television explain how when she was barely a toddler, she looked up at the treetops while in the backyard with her mother and wondered what the view would be like from up there. So, she floated up to see, looking far over and beyond those trees. It was marvelous to gaze far across the many houses with their green yards all over the neighborhood. Then she wondered if her mother would like to come up and share the view, so she looked down to see.

But her mother was gazing up at her with an open-mouthed expression of total horror, causing the little girl to think she must have done something terribly wrong and come right back down again. After that, she was never able to float up into the air again—not as a child, and not as an adult.

As small children, everything seems magically possible. With this mindset, we are free to make use of the magic that surrounds us all—that is, until someone tells us we must not. It might only take a look of serious disapproval from a trusted adult to deeply influence a child, changing everything in mere moments.

Scientists focus on physics almost exclusively, ignoring the role consciousness plays due to science being unable to isolate consciousness in the laboratory, where they would want to apply their basic principles to it. Therefore, scientists tend to look the other way, as though consciousness were not a part of reality. But on the very deepest levels—beneath even the smallest subatomic particles—physics and consciousness are the two inseparable sides of the same coin. Each side influences the other in a totally balanced way, forming the unbreakable connection that is the basis of why magic works.

My greatest frustration is that so many people no longer believe in magic at all, thinking only physics is real. They fail to grasp how science and magic have always been devoted lovers who walk together, holding hands all the while, and so they try to steal one away from the other. My goal for this website and my book is to share experiences and stories to help others regain their lost beliefs and again experience the joys, beauty, power, and freedom magic offers anyone willing to open themselves to the many possibilities always dancing invisibly around us, just waiting for us to "wake up."
The world of magic is waiting right behind you, visible but just beyond the corner of your eye. It is hiding there because you've been taught not to see it, but that can change.

Peter Pan poetically explained the nature of magic when he said our believing is what keeps fairies alive. He asked us to "clap our hands" as proof we are still willing to believe, willing to see and to honor the reality of magic in our lives. There is much we can do to bring back the joy, the love, the beauty and power of magic, for it is an integral part of the reality we live in. Magic will always belong to us.

This website is designed to help you strengthen the magic already flowing around and through you. Just open your mind and heart, and then take action through the knowledge that magic will always be an integral part of your life. Or as Peter Pan so simply phrased it, just "clap your hands."