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The Perfect Van Home
I'm in the process of fulfilling the dream I've had since my teenage years. It's the dream of living in a van and traveling down new roads through every kind of magic the universe has to offer. That dream has been delayed for decades with family and friends telling me all the reasons my dreams are "unrealistic" and "immature," wanting me to fulfill their dreams for them instead of being free to follow my own heart.

But that has changed now as I have realized it's the responsibility of each of us to fulfill our own dreams. Everyone will be shown a way to do so if they just look. Your next step is always in front of you where you can see it, and when you have the courage to take that step, another step will appear after it, and then another. There is no need to see all the way down the path. You only need to keep the goal in mind while taking those "next steps" as they appear.

My choice was for an older van in great running condition but with the inside seriously trashed out, bringing the price way down. I intended to totally rebuild the inside to fit my needs anyway. Then, naturally, I used some magical techniques to bring that van to me.

My first major step was to create a working mock-up of the van's interior in my bedroom, including everything from the battery-powered shower to solar panels. The second step was to actually start living in it! That way, my whole life became a "magical ritual" to attract the real van my live-in mock-up represented.

I told Bob Wells (the father of modern van life) about my bedroom van and how I was already living in it. He thought that was a great idea, then actually made a YouTube video about it with me, titled Get Ready For Van Life! How You Can Set Up a Van in Your Bedroom!!7

That handled the inside part of getting ready, but I needed to add an outdoors part to my van-attracting "ritual." So, I bought a three-wheel electric scooter and began riding it each morning through this densely tree-filled neighborhood, pretending I was in my real van traveling through a national forest. While doing this, I could feel the shell of the real van around me with my home and all my belongings inside right behind me, often pretending so well as to forget the full van wasn't truly around me yet!

This "magic" worked so well, a man soon offered me his van that was almost identical to the one I had cut out a picture of to help me attract it. He had recently rebuilt the transmission, put on four new tires, and replaced the engine with a rebuild from Auto Zone. And yes, he had totally trashed out the inside. He had even cut the rear wall out entirely to allow larger items to be placed inside, then used the vehicle as a dump truck, hauling away anything people wanted to pay him to get rid of.

But then he got hired for a new, much higher-paying job with the stipulation that he get a new van that would impress their customers. So that's how I came into the picture! He sold his old van to me for considerably less than even the cost of the mechanical upgrades I've listed above and was happy to do so, knowing his new high-paying job would soon recover his losses.

In other words, my magical efforts worked perfectly and in great detail, bringing me exactly what I asked for.

Soon, after putting in the new floor, walls, windows, and ceiling, my mock-up van got moved right into my real van. And I am truly a "happy camper" with even a small clothes washer, spin dryer, and everything I could ever need inside.

So that's the whole story of how I worked alongside the power of magic to fulfill my longest-held dream. What more can I say before I take my new "dream home on wheels" down a new road yet to be traveled, into the magic of the future?