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Whole Wheat Bread
A church group explained I could "speak in tongues" by simply letting my mouth form random syllables. They told me that even without consciously knowing what I was saying, I would be speaking a prayer to God with words controlled by spirit. They really wanted me to try this, so when I got off work at 6:00 AM, I walked home in the dark letting my mouth speak random syllables as they had instructed, hoping I really was talking in a meaningful language controlled by spirit, praying something good to God.

It being "an unknown tongue," I had no idea what my mouth was actually saying, so my mind was free to wander. I thought, "I'm really hungry right now and have peanut butter and jelly at home. I'd love to make myself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but I have no bread. If only I had just two slices of whole wheat bread -- the only bread I like -- I could make that sandwich. But it's too early, the stores won't be open for another hour and I'm too tired to wait. I'll just have to go to bed hungry."

As I was thinking these thoughts and continuing to "speak in tongues," a young man came running up the hill from a side street just as I was crossing it. He met me at the corner and after taking some moments to catch his breath, he said God had told him someone would be here who needs these, and held out his hand. Sitting on his open palm were two slices of whole wheat bread.

I thanked him profusely, explaining it was indeed exactly what I need, exactly what I had been thinking about and wishing I had, then carefully took the two slices from his hand.

I've witnessed several such events, sometimes for the benefit of others, where people who believe The Holy Spirit is with them and practice "speaking in tongues", find themselves being prompted from within to help each other in ways they could not have known was needed other than through the spiritual realm. This is a very real phenomenon.

I walked the final block home, where I happily munched down on my peanut butter and jelly sandwich, thankful that help from the magic of the spiritual ream is so totally real, always available in any place and at any time. And that particular sandwich was especially tasty, because it had come to me through magic, from God!