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Ten Boxes of Candy
One night, I was lying in bed feeling frustrated that I had not heard from my best friend in many months with no way to make contact. I was concerned for them and as I lay there, decided to ask God how long before we'll be back in contact again. But I asked this in a very unusual way.

Because I was very near-sighted, small lights in the dark looked like large blurry circles. These circles were not smooth, but had shapes and shadows in them according to tiny dust particles in the tear water on my eye, causing light to bend in a way that caused darker and lighter areas to appear in the circle. So I asked spirit to show me in those tear-water patterns how many months before my friend would contact me again. Then looked at the tiny neon nightlight on the wall across from my bed, observing the large circle of blur.

I was hoping to be able to make out some small part of the patterns within it that looked like a number that I could accept as my answer. But instead, the entire circle of blur was filled with a stylish 10 just like this one. Usually, when I blink the patterns change as blinking moves the dust in the water around on my eyes. I blinked several times, but the 10 stayed solidly there. It was not until I looked away for a moment, and then looked back that the ten was gone. Ten meant that it would be ten months before we'd make contact again.

I checked the date, it was the 16th. I went to the store and bought ten little decorative boxes of candy to mark each of the following ten months. As my ongoing magical ritual, I opened and ate one box on (or near) the 16th each month, thinking how I was that much closer to being in contact with my friend again. Finally, I was ready to eat the last box, with only a few days left. The time had come. I would hear from my long-lost friend, finally!

The phone rang, and out of nowhere without any kind of preparation or knowledge, it was my lost friend calling me, giving me a new address and asking me to come visit! When we met again, it was wonderful. I was so delighted!

Then I checked the calendar. The day we saw each other face-to-face again was the 17th, exactly ten months after I'd been shown the big 10 on the wall. The magic -- Real Magic -- had worked perfectly.