Tires Rolling Down A Hill
When I was in the sixth grade and twelve years old, I had just gone to bed when the thought came to me that I could look in on someone else who was already asleep and see what they were dreaming. I'd never done that before -- or since, actually -- but I just knew I could.

I closed my eyes and saw someone dreaming that a baseball player was on top of a tall hill, striking baseballs with a bat, one after another. Then the dream changed to tires rolling down that same hill. Then the dream changed again to metal car parts (like bumpers and fenders) crashing into each other at a high speed, bending all out of shape from the impact. That startled the dreamer, waking him up. Satisfied by that experience, I stopped thinking about anything and let myself fall asleep.

The next day at school during lunch, I was telling the boys around me at the table about the dream I had watched when the boy straight across from me at the table announced, "That was my dream!" I had only told them about the first and last part of the dream, because my mind was somehow being blocked from remembering the middle part about the tires. So I tested him by asking about the middle part. "Tires rolling down a hill," he quickly and confidently responded. Then I also remembered that part clearly and fully, and knew he was exactly right; it really had been his dream!

There are several things about this event that I find more amazing than just seeing someone else's dream: (1) It could have been anyone's dream in the whole world. So how was the future known well enough for me to see the dream of the specific boy I'd be sitting across the table from the next day when I first told anyone about the dream? The boy was not someone in my class nor even someone I liked, nor do I remember sitting at the table with him on any other 5 Permission to quote granted by Andy Lanset at WYNC New York Public Radio. occasion. (2) Who made me temporarily forget the middle part so that I'd have the boy's recollection as proof it really was his dream?

Obviously, someone from the spiritual realm had it all planned out as a learning experience well before the event, teaching me what is possible.