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Hearing Mother's Prayer
I was probably ten years old when one evening at the dinner table, I had finished my silent prayer before eating and looked up to see my mother still silently praying, her eyes closed. I wanted to hear what she was praying, so I mentally asked God, "Let me hear my mother's prayer."

Right after asking, I began hearing the words she was praying in real time, beginning in the middle of a sentence. I heard her normal voice at a normal volume but from inside my head, not from her chair. I only got to hear her last few sentences since she'd nearly finished praying. Afterwards, she opened her eyes and I told her about God letting me listen, quoting the last two sentences back to her. "That's right," she replied with a big smile.

Whether it was actually God who enabled that, an angel or spirit, or my own deep subconscious mind's hidden abilities, I can't say. But I do know I really heard her prayer, loud and clear. This experience is a perfect example of what a child can do when he has never been told he can't. Such a child has no mental blocks, conscious or unconscious, standing in the way of his clarity.