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The Tricycle From God
The next year when I was five, a visiting Sunday school teacher told us that if we asked God for something and listened carefully, we would be able to hear Him whisper, "Yes," "No," or "Wait." I'd already been able to hear complete sentences from Him in a normal voice, but I decided I'd try what the Sunday school teacher had said. So, when we got home, I told my mother I was going to ask for a tricycle and listen for God to whisper his answer. Then I closed my eyes, silently asked for a tricycle in my mind, then listened and heard God whisper softly, "Wait."

WWhen I opened my eyes, Mother asked me, "What did God say?" When I told her "Wait," she laughed, "Well I'm glad He said 'wait,' because I wasn't going to run out and buy you a new tricycle if He said yes!"

It was early the next morning when the phone rang. I was still in bed asleep as my mother answered the phone. It was our next-door neighbor, who said, "Mrs. Strader, you have the cutest little boy. My boy is all grown up now, but I still have his tricycle out in the garage and wonder if your boy would like to have it?"

So when I got out of bed and looked down the stairs that morning, there was the tricycle God had promised me, waiting for me to jump on it and ride! This was one more delightful proof that God always knows what's coming and always has an answer ready.