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How can I learn to see and talk with the many spirits I know must be all around us?

Talking with Spirits

Your consciousness is itself a part of the spirit world already, enclosed in a protective layer that defines who you are. It is your home. Outside the door of your home is the rest of the spirit world. So you have a choice. Are you wanting to let certain spirits -- such as deceased loved ones and guardian angels -- step in through the door to your home? Or are you wanting to step out the door into the greater spirit world beyond that small piece that defines you?

If you'd like to visit with a deceased loved one within the safety of your spiritual home, it's mostly a matter of mentally asking them to come to you. They can choose whether or not they want to return to this level of consciousness for a visit. And if you are sensitive, you can sense who they are and choose to open the door for them. A real-life example of a spirit returning to visit his loved ones can be found in my article along side this one titled: Did Grandpa visit me?

Some spirits are willing to come back to visit when doing so is for a meaningful purpose. For example, a surgeon may return long enough to help with a critical operation by connecting with the subconscious mind of the acting surgeon in the operating room, impressing him with just the right thoughts, concepts, and hand movements for a totally successful operation. This is usually done without the living surgeon ever knowing he had help.

If, on the other hand, you want to step out the door and visit the greater spirit world beyond, that's a bit more complicated; because as in this physical world, the landscapes beyond your front door are vast and contain every kind of entity you can think of, both good and bad ones. You need to know where you want to go, and be prepared for whatever you might meet along the way.

To do otherwise would be like someone trying to drive a car beyond the city to see beautiful mountains, forests, rivers, and seas without first learning the rules of the road, such as which side of the street to drive on, and without any experience of the feel or effects of pressing the gas pedal, the brake pedal, or turning the wheel. Such an attempt would almost certainly fail to produce positive results, and such a driver would indeed be lucky if he was able to make it back home again in one piece!

Entering the spirit world is very much the same. You need a deep understanding of what you're doing, where you are going, and how to deal with each possible situation you might encounter. Just as there are stunningly beautiful places and many loving, joyful people to share life with on the earth, the spirit world has even greater beauty and countless highly advanced love-filled spirits who can support your efforts. But just as there are people on the earth who know how to jump out of the bushes and steal your wallet (or worse), there are some seriously ugly nasties out there in the spirit world as well, entities you would never want any kind of contact with. So before you go, you need to understand them and how to deal with them in case of an encounter.

The famous Edgar Cayce was a spiritual medium who channeled that spirits who have chosen a seriously wrong (evil) path can fall to a very low level where they lose their connection to the source of life and energy all must have. Starving, they struggle to get nourishment from those still connected to the source, people like you and me. Such spirits mostly only seem to be attacking us when in reality they are just trying to get some of the life and energy they see we have an abundance of. To them, we are like brightly glistening lights shining far above their dark, boringly still world.

Years ago, I was in a class where we learned to enter a higher level of spirit above these entities where we could see down into their realm and offer them a connection back to the light that radiates from far above us. Sometimes, a spirit will be ready and make the connection, disappearing from that low, dark realm in a bright flash of light. I didn't find a spirit ready for the transition upward, but I saw the flash when someone else in our class did. It's a powerful but brief event, much like a camera flash.

To enter the spiritual world safely, you need to be seriously pure inside, for "the law of attraction" is real—like attracts like. If there is evil in you, even buried deep in your subconscious, it will attract spirits who have the same kind of evil in them. They will see that impurity as an entry point for connecting to you and then draw life and energy from you, much like someone sipping a smoothie through a straw. You don't want that. Such an event doesn't help anyone, not even them since it does nothing toward solving the problem that sent them to that low spiritual level in the first place. Such an attack could result in you losing your mind, literally.

Before you begin visiting the spirit world, you need a well-trained and experienced teacher to help you prepare, one who can see into you deeply enough to know when you are ready. The beauties and wonders of the spirit worlds are well worth the effort to reach them, but being fully prepared for possible "bumps along the road" is essential.

In searching for additional information to better answer the above question, I found this article by Kristin Barton that explains the dark side of the problem ever so clearly from the perspective of someone who's had to deal with it personally. She wrote the response below to someone asking how to see and experience all kinds of spirits. Kristin Barton wrote:

I'm going to tell you something you may not want to hear. You don't want to see them. I know, because I can occasionally see them and hear them and feel them. I know you're feeling stuff and that makes you a sensitive. But increasing your sensitivity to these things is, in my opinion, not in your best interest. I realize you may disagree, and that's your right. I'm going to advocate for you not to attempt to increase your sensitivity.

Once you see these things, they know that you can see them. This highlights you to them. That's great if they're "nice." But there are a lot of spiritual entities and anti-entities that are NOT nice. And when you're on their radar, it's not fun.

Those of us who have no choice but to discern those things will tell you that the effort you must expend to keep yourself safe, grounded, and sane is immense when you have that level of sensitivity. It's a full-time job. And to be very honest with you, mental illness and addiction are real threats to those of us who are that sensitive. This "gift" comes at a very real cost. And it's a cost I would dearly surrender if only I could.

Imagine, if you will, this scene from my own life. I'm walking down a street. I see a man walking toward me. I know immediately from his energetic attachments that he is molesting children. I see flashes of the faces of his victims. And there's nothing I can do. It's not like I can go to the police and say, "Excuse me, but I'm psychic and this dude is having sex with his 12-year-old daughter." You can't do that.

I am in a book store next. I see a woman. She is consumed by a gluttony attachment that follows her around. She purchases expensive items on credit and hides them from her husband. She also has a gambling addiction. I can smell the acrid stench of the gambling-addiction "demon" and it sees me. I hear it hiss. The woman looks at me and is immediately angry at me and doesn't know why. She stalks away, confused and enraged.

Do you know what it's like to see human suffering all around you? It's tiring. Do you know what turns off the sensitivity? Drugs and alcohol. Oh, you might say that you're not prone to doing that. Give it a few years. A glass of wine can turn into a bottle easily for us sensitives.

Do you know what else goes along with the sensitivities? You are walking along in a Target store and you walk right through a cloud of yuck left by someone else. You are immediately mad and you don't know why. Your heart races. You try to calm down. It takes you several minutes to do so. All you wanted was to go in and buy a damn step ladder like a normal person. Nope. You get to feel random weird crap all over the place because you're "gifted."

Before I leave my home, I must "armor up." I have to ground, center, put on certain stones, do certain things to protect myself. It's exhausting. And forget about hospitals. Dang dead people all confused and trying to talk to you . . .

I'm being very honest with you. Don't do it. Many of us end up with severe mental health problems due to this "gift." I struggle every day with keeping myself sane and grounded.


But when you become pure enough, you no longer offer anything the dark beings can connect to. In fact, they likely won't even see you; you become like a glass of clear water through which sunlight passes freely with no effect.

You likely wonder why Kristin hasn't asked a spiritual person to help purify her from such darkness so she can avoid spirit-world nasties, preventing them from being able to affect her. I can't claim to know her story, because I don't. But I did find another statement she made elsewhere (under the heading "Who feels they would make a great housewife?") that reads, ". . . after divorcing my egregiously violent first husband. I do an OK job when the fibromyalgia and host of other issues due to the prolonged violence aren't really bad." I feel so sorry she had to go through such experiences, and I understand those things have very deep and long-lasting effects. I'm sure she's doing her best to clear it all out. But after that kind of mistreatment, especially for a prolonged period of time, it takes a lot of time and a lot of hard work to be rid of it. Hopefully, you will find cleaning yourself up enough to enjoy the wonders of the spiritual world far easier. And I certainly look forward to Kristin reaching her true goals.

On another occasion, I received a message from someone who night after night was slipping out of their body onto what seemed like a table they found themselves chained to as though they were in a prison cell where guards began torturing them. This was happening night after night and seemed totally real, not like a dream. Of course, they dreaded going to bed, already frightened by what they believed was going to happen yet again.

In answer, I told them that before they went to sleep, they should lie comfortably on their back in bed while deeply and vividly imagining four angels above, each angel in one of the four corners of their room, protecting them from all negative entities and energies. I added, "And don't just imagine it—know they are really there. Feel their presence and sense how much they care about you. Let them know you appreciate what they are doing for you."

About a week later, that same person contacted me online again to say my advice had worked perfectly! The four angels were really there; they could tell it was real. And starting the very first night, they have been slipping out of their body into a place that is brightly lit and beautiful, filled with love! "I thank you so very much!" they said.

Well, I did very little to be thanked for; I just pointed them in the right direction. They did the work themselves.

One last thought: When you are not clean inside, the higher spirits find you too uncomfortable to be around. But when you are cleaning yourself up and have a focus on unselfish, worthy goals, the higher spirits who can help (like those four angels) will choose to reach down and contact you first.