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I'd like to learn to astral travel but don't see a need for a whole book to follow. Can't I just get some simple instructions on what to practice that brings success?

Guidance for Astral Travel
Because of my own rough experiences in the beginning, I personally think it's important to have an in-depth understanding of astral travel first that the book Out Of Body Experiences can give. I can best explain why I feel that way by telling you about the rough beginning of my own story:

At age fourteen, I felt truly frightened by the 1953 movie The Magnetic Monster in which a small object kept doubling in size every eleven hours. It seemed unstoppable and soon would cause the destruction of the earth by growing larger than the planet. That night I lay in bed thinking about the movie while under my blanket with just one arm out over the blanket. Somehow, my fear from scenes in the movie caused a very strange sensation in that exposed arm.

Curious about that strange sensation, I experimented with causing it every night for more than a week. After going to bed, I would place one arm out on top while under the blanket thinking scary thoughts about that movie. Sure enough, each time that very strange sensation would return to my arm. What could it mean? How could I find out?

What I didn't know at the time was that my fear was causing my astral arm to leave my physical arm behind and tuck itself under the blanket with the rest of me, an action that resulted in the strange sensation.

Also certainly unknown to me was that repeating the process night after night was loosening my astral body's connection to my physical body. So after perhaps ten nights, it wasn't just my astral arm that separated from my physical self—it was my entire being that fell totally out of my physical body, head to toe! After some heavy vibrating and buzzing in the back of my neck, I found myself floating freely out in the night's silence and darkness, no longer attached to a physical body. This was extremely frightening, as I thought I was totally alone and dead! Where was Jesus? The angels? God? Why was there only darkness?

A few minutes later I was back in my physical body again, my heart racing in terror. I assumed my fast-pounding heart had created the whole experience and went to my mother in her bed, waking her up to tell her all. She thought it sounded like I was having a heart attack and took me to the hospital where I sat face-to-face with a heart specialist, but this doctor could not find anything wrong with my heart. He told us I might have emotional problems that had produced these effects on my heart.

(Nope. Not true.)

Some days later, I was telling my friends about the experience when one of them interrupted me to say with excitement that I had astral traveled. He was certain that's what it was, because he had read about the neck vibration and buzzing often being part of the process.

Before his words, I had never heard of astral travel; I had never thought such a thing was even possible. Now I wanted to learn more about it but didn't know where I could find more information. Meanwhile, the falling out of my physical body kept happening to me about twice a week, and I didn't like it at all because the process was painful. I resisted as firmly as I could each time, but to no avail.

Being totally untrained in the art of astral travel, I had no idea that my resisting was the cause of the pain, and not the natural process of separating from my body. It was more than a year before I finally gave up resisting and just let it happen. And to my surprise, when I did not resist, there was no pain at all. In fact, there is now a pleasant sensual thrill in sliding out of the physical form to go enjoy inner worlds, see other parts of this one, or even visit other people, who would sometimes remember I was there!

Naturally, I wish I'd understood the wisdom this book has to offer from the beginning. It could have made my nightlife so much easier. And yes, I recommend the book Out Of Body Experiences to anyone seriously interested in learning to experience this powerful phenomenon.