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I suffer from depression. Can magic cure me?

Understanding Depression
The short answer is yes, but doing so is a bit more complicated than it might at first seem, for there is far more to depression than just the unpleasant emotion people think of when they hear the word. In the usual scenario, depression starts out as "anger," and contrary to what most people think, anger is actually a very healthy emotion we all need. Anger is what stimulates us to get up and do something about unacceptable situations. Without it, a lot of what needs to happen would never get done. Instead, people would prefer to just stay "comfortable," leaving the solutions to their problems for another day. But of course, tomorrow never comes.

Unfortunately, people are usually taught that it is wrong to feel angry or to express anger in any way. So they hold their anger inside, pretending it doesn't exist. But it DOES exist, and it gradually starts building up more and more. The process is similar to when a dam is built. Although the water may be entering the area as a small stream, it eventually becomes a huge lake! And naturally, when a dam breaks from there being too much water behind it, everything downstream gets flooded. Things get damaged, destroyed, or even killed.

Anger bursting forth when the dam inside of us breaks is called rage, and rage is very bad because we cannot control it. We can't think clearly, can't make wise decisions, can't control our actions, and can't even care about the people we might be hurting through the expression of our rage.

So an alternative many people find is to turn their anger in on themselves! They become angry not about the unacceptable situation but at themselves for being angry in the first place! They conclude that being angry is itself the "unacceptable situation" and this is what quickly leads to "depression," for the true "unacceptable situation" is never going to be solved this way, and they know it. They feel so sad and hopeless, helpless to do anything about it, not daring to express any anger. And being angry at one's self at the same time is itself a miserable way to feel with nowhere a person can go to escape it, for they are carrying it inside of themselves everywhere they go.

So, their situation is hopeless. There is no answer and never will be. Why not just give up? Life has no meaning, no purpose at all. It's over . . . . And this, my friend, is the true story of depression.

To escape from the above, a good professional therapist is probably needed. The simple answer is to realize anger is a good thing and to proudly do something about those "unacceptable situations" that started it all in the first place. But if the anger has been repressed for a long time, the danger of "rage" being what bursts forth can be too serious to risk. That's why I recommend finding a quality professional therapist who understands the problem, the answer, and how to safely move from one to the other.

And yes, to answer the original question, depression can be solved with magic. If used on a deep enough level, magic can simply make it all disappear as though it never existed—including the unacceptable situation—leaving the person whole and happy again. But achieving this requires making the right spiritual connections and having the right understanding of what do to and why. For most of us, that would be like finding the door out of a large, totally dark building we've never walked through before.

Yes, the door is there; it's not locked, and it can be opened. But without sufficient understanding, a person is more likely to keep bumping into walls, or maybe even fall over something and hurt themselves in the dark. That's why I recommend choosing a knowledgeable therapist who can turn on some lights, take you by the hand, and find that door side-by-side with you.