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I have had several very vivid dreams of my Grandpa visiting me from heaven.
His presence felt so real on every level, I find it hard to believe it was only a dream.
Could this have been real? Could it actually have been Grandpa?

Visits from Heaven

Your granda is real. I'm convinced of that. You would not have felt his energy so intensely were it not actually him.

There is an easy test you can perform the next time you see him be sure. Just reach out and touch your grandpa! The feel of a common dream character, and the feel of an actual person, are not at all the same. You won't fail to recognize the difference.

When my grandpa died, I had been divorced about a year, but wrote my ex-wife a letter telling her about Grandpa. She wrote me back, stating she already knew because he had come to her in a totally vivid dream and told her all about it; along with a lot more meaningful communication between them which she didn't choose to share with me.

Your grandpa really is the same. Spirits have freedom of choice if they want to come back to this world to visit, and who they choose to visit. It's wonderful that you are special enough to your grandpa that he wants to come back and share with you. Don't waste those opportunities. He knows things now well beyond the illusions of this world that he wants to pass on to you, a person he obviously deeply loves. And of course, let him know how much you appreciate him too.

My grandpa came to me as well, but only one time. I was sitting near the stacks in a quiet public library looking over a few books when he appeared. He told me he had visited Grandma first and tried to talk to her, but somehow she wasn't able to hear him. So now he was coming to me, asking that I explain some things to Grandma for him.

He told me she was feeling she might have killed him! They'd had a heated argument the night before, about finances and where inheritance should go. In that argument, she had angrily accused him of being out of his mind! Then he turned and went to bed; and in the night, he died. Doesn't that make it her fault? So now he was asking me to explain to her that this is not what happened at all! It was simply his time to travel on, his time to go. And he wants her to be remembering what a wonderful helpmate she was throughout his life, all the way to the end; because that's what is real, and what he will always remember.

I was living about 50 miles away, so wrote these things in a letter to my mother for her to pass on to Grandma, who in turn was her mother, living in a nearby retirement home. A week later, I got a letter back from my mother which told the story of how when she read my words to her mother, Grandma had cried.... a lot.

After regaining her composure, Grandma told my mother how Grandpa had appeared to her as well. He was showing her his little briefcase, holding it firmly as though that was something important. It was the briefcase he always took with him when leaving on business trips. But she didn't understand what it meant now. Why would he be showing her his briefcase? She assumed the experience was little more than vivid imagination, a kind of "daydream". But now, after hearing my letter, she understood. Now it all made sense. Now she knew what she saw was really him, and he cared enough to come back to let her know he holds nothing against her, still with his focus on sharing his love.

There is one more thing I want you to know:   The more you open up to sharing with your grandpa, the more he will be there for you.